Do you ever wonder if those client reviews posted on company websites are real? How can you be sure they did not just make them up? Obviously, for confidentiality reasons, we cannot state client names. People often don’t want the whole world to know they filed bankruptcy! Well, here is how you can be sure our reviews are authentic. These reviews below, are simply copied and pasted from reviews our previous clients have posted on various other review sites, such as Yelp, Avvo, Google, Thumbtack, YellowPages, Yahoo, InsiderPages, DexKnows, etc. Each of these sites have their own methods of verifying that the reviews posted are authentic. So if you simply search for “Chandraiah Law Firm reviews.” on the internet, you will see these same reviews on many independent review websites.

Very knowledgeable professional at a extremely competitive price. We saved half of what theaverage attorney charges, and did not get cut-­rate service by any means.

Outstanding attorney!!!
Great job Sam. Anyone needing help and direction in filing for bankruptcy, and who may be unaware of the process, will be very comfortable having “sam” representing them. He is an expert in this area. He directed me from the start to finish, and everything went without a hitch. He was always available. I swear he never sleeps. Another big plus for his service is the cost, which is less than half of his competitors. This is very important for people having limited resources to begin with.
Thanks again Sam.

FINALLY an attorney who actually cares! Bankruptcy Chapter 7 SUCCESS! Service amazing!
I can’t tell you what a sigh of relief it was finding Sam. I was turned away by 3 previous so called mega lawfirms that said filing chapter 7 was impossible for me due to income being high. From the minute I found attorney Chandraiah which literally I was contacted within 20 minutes of requesting info from him there was nothing that I was uncomfortable with. Financial burdens like bankruptcy had made me feel like no one was capable of helping me or challenging the system and hearing me out regarding my situation. He challenged and heard me out!Up front he was honest and very knowledgable regarding every aspect of what it’s going to take to point me in the right direction. My personal case took a long time to complete due to circumstances both personally and financially but I couldn’t have asked for someone better to stick with and he was there for the whole process, no matter what time or day it was my calls were returned,emails answered,and questions answered. I was treated with the utmost respect and professionalism as well as his understanding on a personal level. I got to deal with 1 person only, not a bunch of legal assistants who could have cared less who I was, what my situation was, or what I needed from them. To them I was just a name, and a check in the bank. All I was asked was when I was paying. So imagine my surprise when I came across attorney Chandraiah and was treated like a person and not as a monetary amount due. I truthfully feel if more attorneys took the time and had the level of personal commitment as Sam did the bankruptcy aspect of law would get a much better face and be way less stressful for people needing assistance. That’s my story! Again I would highly recommend using Sam. Attorneys like him come very seldom so finding him was truly a blessing. I don’t like to focus on cost over service but I can gladly attest to the amount which was charged (well below mega firms) was well worth it and wasn’t increased at all ever during the year and a half it took to complete. Personally the service was priceless!

A very well educated and savy attorney for bankruptcy issues. The cost was half of what most other attorneys charge for the same service.

Mr. Chandraiah made this experience very easy and painless. He is up front and a very honest man. His prices are the most reasonable prices from what I have found and he provides very organized service. I recommend him to anyone who is looking into filing for bankruptcy.

Chandraiah was very helpful in getting our case settle he was there every step of the way even now he still answers my calls and helps in any way possible I recommend him with five stars.

Sam is an excellent attorney. He’s knowledgeable and takes time with your case personally. He’s very accessible, respectful, and kind.

Sam is the very BEST!!! I could not have asked for this situation to have gone any better. His rate was the best I found, and I truly enjoyed working with him. we ran into a snag which Sam overcame , and saved me $3000. He went the extra mile for me, and people just don’t do that anymore ­ especially lawyers.
Thank you Sam, you are one of a kind.

Absolutely Amazing Service!!!!
Attorney Sam Chandraiah is the most amazing lawyer I’ve ever met. I was very nervous and quite embarrassed of having to file bankruptcy. I consulted with Sam over the phone multiple times prior to making a final decision to do so. He provided exceptional customer service prior to receiving any type of payment. He is very detailed oriented and made sure that I fully understood the entire process. Sam was in constant communication with me throughout the entire ordeal. He made me feel assured that this was the best choice to make. My case has been filed and I’ve already had my 341 meeting but Sam has still been in contact with me. He has even recommended great advice for rebuilding my credit and purchasing a car. He even went the extra mile to send me links of great car deals. Sam Chandraiah is the most interpersonal professional that I have ever encountered (even compared to physicians that I work with). I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a fresh start.

My bankruptcy experience with Subramaniam Sam Chandraiah of Chandraiah Law Firm / Chicago Bankruptcy Help was great. “Sam” was extremely helpful in helping me understand the process from beginning to end. I was very confident that he could help make my process a very smooth one. I would strongly recommend him to anyone I come into contact who like me is in tough financial situation and simply just needs a fresh start! Anytime I had questions along the way, he was very prompt in getting back to me as well. Thanks again, Sam!

Mr.Chandraiah is a consummate professional. My case was very complicated, involving several business entities, and Mr.Chandraiah intelligently and skillfully handled the whole matter smoothly, resulting in a successful discharge of eligible debts. Any time I had questions, Mr.Chandraiah responded with answers, and he was responsive even after the case was closed. He is personable, professional, knowledgeable, accessible, and capable. The integrity with which he handled my case is clearly evident. I always felt confident that Mr.Chandraiah would go the extra mile to ensure received maximum protection from the bankruptcy laws. I am very glad to have selected his law firm, and I have no reservations in recommending his firm highly.

Filing Bankruptcy is never an easy decision to make but Sam Chandraiah did an exceptional job helping me through the decisions and the process and his fee is at least a third less than all of the huge Bankruptcy attorney companies you see advertised in the media.

Sam did an outstanding job for me. He responded right away to all of my many phone calls and emails before, during and even well after I filed. He was very sensitive and caring toward me and my situation and his professionalism and skill set were phenomenal.

Every time I contacted Sam, he always returned my emails or my calls promptly. He gave me very detailed pros and cons of filing based on my situation. Again, he was extremely sensitive and caring and he helped me through making the best decision for myself. He not only offered facts and figures but also explained the different scenarios based on the path I chose. We had been talking about this for 3 weeks. With less than one week to go before the end of the month that would be best for me to file, I informed Sam that I decided to file. He received all of my information on a Wednesday, and after many exchanges of emails and phone calls over the next 4 days, he filed my Chapter 7 bankruptcy on a Saturday before the deadline.

Everything went as planned, he was with me when I met with the Trustee, and we were all set. Except, three weeks after my Trustee meeting, I was laid off of my full time job. I contacted Sam right away and he helped me through this as well. Since his fee was just a one time fee and was so much less than other attorneys charge, I felt it was right to offer to pay him additional moneys for all of the extra phone calls and emails and his additional time. He knew my situation and would not let me pay him any additional fees.

Sam is a caring and sensitive attorney with exceptional skills. I was so fortunate to have him help me through this very tough time in my life. He is a rare find who is an attorney you can completely trust. Sam will have your best interest at heart, especially going through such a major life decision of having to file for bankruptcy.

Mr Chandraiah, is an excellent attorney, he took me through the bankruptcy process without any problems, his fees are very reasonable!

After extensive research and speaking to quite a few bankruptcy law firms, I found myself to be very content with Attorney Chandraiah’s services. I was consistently being updated on my case, had an honest and immediate answer every time and more than anything, the cost was VERY affordable. I highly recommend Attorney Chandraiah’s services.

Atty Sam Chandraiah is an excellent bankruptcy attorney! He is very understanding and compassionate to his client’s emotional situations. He made me feel comfortable and less apprehensive through the entire process. He immediately answered all my questions through phone calls and emails. The whole process went well without any problems. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Very content with Attorney Chandraiah s services. I was consistently being updated on my case, had an honest and immediate answer every time and more than anything, the cost was VERY affordable. I highly recommend Attorney Chandraiah’s services.

Awesome caring bankruptcy Attorney who keeps you in the loops everything Attorney Sam Chandraiah was awesome. I have never met an attorney who not only was flexible with his schedule to accommodate you, but was also very informative and kept us in the loop every step of the way. He took the mounds of info that we gave him and worked diligently to make sure that we received excellent quality service. Sam was never rushy and any question we asked was always answered expeditiously. I have never had interaction with an attorney who genuinely seemed to care for the well­being of their client. I would recommend anyone who is faced with a life changing financial bankruptcy dilemma to call Attorney Sam Chandraiah!!!!

I had the misfortune as so many other people, to have had my back to the wall financially. I found Chandriah Law Firm and from the moment I spoke with Attorney Sam, my fears started to fall away. He knew the ins­outs of the bankruptcy process, and I felt safe following his advice. It has been a couple of years now that my BK was discharged, and they have been great, peaceful years that have allowed me to get my finances back in order and to look forward to every day, no longer frightened every time the phone rang or collection envelopes arrived in the mail. He gave me hope and the opportunity to start over again with my head high instead of carrying the burden of debt shame on my shoulders. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!

I can’t thank Sam enough for his wonderful service. Unfortunately we had to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy which is stressful enough and then to find someone you can trust and who is going to be there to guide you in every step of the way. Sam did that and made our bankruptcy go smooth. I did a little research before filing bankruptcy. We met with an attorney whose prices were very unreasonable and he wasn’t as knowledgeable and made it seem like it was going to be very stressful and then I came to find out he only had a few reviews online which weren’t very good. I decided to do some other research and look for ones with the best reviews and reasonable prices. I called a few others before I found Sam I couldn’t be happier when I spoke with him he was very knowledgeable about my case and answered all of my questions. When it came time for our trusty meeting we got to see a lot of other meetings which were ahead of us. I have to say I was shocked at how many clients where meeting the people that where representing them for the first time and how many attorneys messed up their client’s paper work. There were people who had to come back on different days and where in there trustee meetings for 10­30 minutes getting asked a ton of questions and their attorneys not knowing all the answers. When it came time for us to go up I was a little nervous after seeing all of that but I knew Sam was there to help answer any questions if we needed him to. All in all our trustee meeting only lasted a few minutes and we only got asked a few basic questions. That goes to show that Sam really took his time and made sure all of our paper work was done right. Thank you again Sam.

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